Tuesday, 21 November 2017

THE LAST BIG JOLLY ~ Part XIII Of Our Latest Epically Epic Adventure!

Welcome to



In our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, most epically epic adventure to date when we attempt to travel around the wurld in 42 and a bit days!

What could possibly go wrong?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

Welcome to Part XIII of our latest saga and we know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since last Tuesday, so let's get started and see what today's episode brings! 

To catch up on the action, here's the links fur the previous episodes:


A quick recap from the last episode:

"WOOOOO HOOOOO!" Smooch yelled as we entered the TTTB. "That was epic dudes!!"

He paw-bumped Parsley and Fudge, then me.

"Did mew see those pygmy cannibals in the jungle?" Fudge said.

"Yeah and what about those piranhas near that waterfall, mew wouldn't want to go swimming there!" Parsley laughed.

"And could mew believe those huge statues, they were amazing!" Amber said.

"I really liked the castle!" said Bob.

 "My favourite was Machu Pichu!" Snowie said.

"Did mew see how HUGE those whales were?" Humphrey sighed.

"And what about the Lost City?" Posie grinned.

"My favourite was the lonesome lighthouse!" mused Pandora.

"Yep, it was all totally spectacular!" I agreed pulling out the now rather crumpled bucket list and began to cross off all the latest destinations. 

"There's only nine places left!" I said suddenly realizing how many I'd just ticked off.  

I glanced up and looked fur Snowie and Humphrey, who I spied relaxing in the Nip Bar with a few Nip Cocktails laughing and joking as Bob pulled a myriad of funny faces. 

And that's when it hit me... not long now til they get their wings!



The Bucket List Finale

**And Action!**

"Ve're on a roll Basil," Pandora said materializing at my side.  I'd been so engrossed in my thoughts I neffur heard her approach.

"Sorry Pandora," I said quickly. "What were mew saying?"

"Basil ve are so close to finishing the destinations, did mew want me to input the last few into the navigation system and off ve go?" she asked in her odd, little foreign accent.

Smooch appeared next to me. "Come on Basil, let's do this and get the Bucket List finished, then we can go help Bob."

I glanced towards the Nip Bar and saw Humphrey, Snowie and Bob laughing loudly and fur the furst time I wanted to be selfish and say no, and keep our fursibs with us a bit longer and keep travelling the universe and putting off the inevitable fur a long as possible.  But the unselfish part of me knew that both Snowie and Humphrey were ready fur a new chapter in the aftur-life and so with heavy heart I said. "Pandora get us ready to leave."

Parsley ambled up and said. "Dude, I've just been doing a quick inventory as we'll be going to Catopia aftur we finish the Bucket List right?"

I nodded.

"Well it would seem that we're light on ammo, Fudge is just doing a recount, but still if we're going to be fighting this Eveeel One, we need as much munitions as poss!" he said.

Fudge appeared holding a piece of paper with many crossed off dashes on and I raised an eyebrow. "So what's the verdict Fudge?"

Fudge wafted the piece of paper at me and said. "It seems that we are light on ammo, and lighter than we furst thought!"

"What? How can that be? We hardly used any, or did we?" I mused.

"Oh we used some when we were shooting at the alien, we used lots!" Parsley said grinning and paw-bumped Smooch and Fudge who both began to snicker.

"Ah yes, the alien," I recalled. "How could I furget that, and the porkers and the egg infestation, and the RMD's and Astrid and all the other bizarre happenings we've had to deal with on this trip... but still we need more ammo, idea's anyone?"

Amber joined our group and said. "We can always use the Replicator."

We all turned to look at her, then at each other and then we were all grinning like loons!

"Fantastic idea!" Posie said appearing out of thin air. "I might offur a suggestion though, let's do a test run at the next destination just to make sure it wurks before we try inside the TTTB and accidentally blow ourselves up!" 

 "Good point!" Amber concurred.

We all nodded in agreement. 

"Great idea Posie," I answered. "Pandora let's go and mew young heathens get some ammo and the Replicator."

Amber leaned in close, and whispered. "Basil, mew know Snowie and Humphrey don't have long, don't mew?"

I nodded.

"And we need to get them back to Sleepy Hollow before it's time fur them to leave," she added. "The P.A. will be beside herself if we're late back."

I nodded again and said. "I'm fully aware of the time frame Amber, but we can't leave Bob to go fight that menacing Eveeel One alone, and Snowie and Humphrey agreed that they wanted to help."

"I know Basil, but just keep an eye on the time," she said softly.

I took a huge breath and sighed loudly before saying in as cheery tone as possible. "Are we ready fur the final destinations on the Bucket List team?"

A resounding "YES!" was shouted.

"Pandora, we are a go!" I instructed and off we went.

A few moments later...

"Parsley get the camera drone and effurypurdy line up at the door. Comms on what channel Snowie?" I yelled, then added. "And bring that ammo and Replicator thingummy to try!"

"Comms on channel four," Snowie said and we all piled out of the door.

"Come on effurypurrdy, get in position," Parsley yelled as the camera drone shot into the sky and the Bucket List counted down to its final destination.

*    *    *

Mexico:  Teotihuacán Pyramids  Date: 1999  Dimension: 52 ~  God Sector
Danger: 10%  Risk of Injury 32%   Risk of Mortality: 40%  Outside Temp: +30
Air Quality: Sweaty 


*    *    *

Lost Angeles:  Hollywood  Date: 2010  Dimension: 47 ~ Lost Sector
Danger: 5%  Risk of Injury: 7%   Risk of Mortality: 32%  Outside Temp: +27
Air Quality:  Clear Skies & Sweaty   


*    *    *

San Fransisco:  Golden Gate Bridge Date: 2004  Dimension: 18 ~ Gold Sector
Danger: 40%  Risk of Injury: 68%   Risk of Mortality: 70%  Outside Temp: +23  
Air Quality: Breezy and Fresh   


*    *    *

Vancouver:  Bear Watching Date: 1989  Dimension: 23 ~ Forest Sector
Danger: 80%  Risk of Injury: 90%   Risk of Mortality: 100%  Outside Temp: +10  
Air Quality: Fresh Fresh Fresh   


*    *    *

Anchorage:  Wolf Watching Date: 1993  Dimension: 39 ~ Lycan Sector
Danger: 90%  Risk of Injury: 95%   Risk of Mortality: 100%  Outside Temp: +9  
Air Quality: Cold but Fresh  


*    *    *

Yellowknife:  Aurora Borealis  Date: 2001  Dimension: 53 ~ Light Sector
Danger: 0%  Risk of Injury: 0%   Risk of Mortality: 0%  Outside Temp: +8  
Air Quality: Cool 


*    *    *

Toronto:  Niagara Falls  Date: 1990  Dimension: 64 ~ Fun Sector
Danger: 10%  Risk of Injury: 30%   Risk of Mortality: 50%  Outside Temp: +21  
Air Quality: Pleasant with a fine mist  


*    *    *

New York:  Statue of Liberty  Date: 1981  Dimension: 10 ~ Green Sector
Danger: 0%  Risk of Injury: 0%   Risk of Mortality: 0%  Outside Temp: +18  
Air Quality: Cooler  


*    *    *

Reykjavik:  on an iceberg  Date: 2005  Dimension: 19 ~  Ice Sector
Danger: 30%  Risk of Injury: 50%   Risk of Mortality: 80%  Outside Temp: -15  
Air Quality: Supurr Icicles Fresh  


*    *    *

"OMC!" Snowie squealed, "I thought Bob was going to get eaten by those bears!"

"Oh fur sure, that bear was aftur Bob, thank cod he made himself invisible!" Smooch laughed.

"Yes indeed!" I laughed.

"But those wolves, did mew see those teeth?" Fudge mused. "They'd make quick wurk of anything, maybe we need one on the team?" 

"NO WOLVES!" I said.  "Mew can't look aftur your teddy-bear, which is by the way now sitting in my nice pleather chair at the helm!"

Fudge blushed and snuck a peek at my chair.  "OOPS, I don't know how Errol got there!" he said pulling the brown teddy off and sitting him on the floor.

Smooch grinned and Bob smirked, they knew exactly how Errol got there! MOL

I began ticking off the last of the destinations on the now supurr crumpled Bucket List and stopped when I reached 'HOME'.

"Bob," I said. "It's time to make a move dude to save your planet, so if mew can do the honours and let's go!"

Bob clicked his heels together three times and said the magic wurds, "There's no place like home... There's no place like home... There's no place like home!"

Pandora hit the button and I yelled. "CATOPIA HERE WE COME!"


It's that time of the post, when we bet mew've more questions/comments than mew can shake your tail at!

Such as:

We know that many of mew left comments last week asking us to stop by, but as this journey was actually taken in March and April, so sadly we can't but we can always go on tour again and stop by fur mew to show us your favorite places.

How much time do Snowie and Humphrey actually have left?

And does the P.A. know mew're going to Catopia instead of coming home?

Thank goodness mew have that replicator, does it wurk on other things too?

How long will it take mew to get to Catopia?

We mew be able to leave?

And what about this Eveeel One, he's been a bit quiet of late, what do mew think he's up to?

Do mew think he has an army waiting fur mew?

Or are mew just flying by the seat of your pants as per normal? MOL

And surely time doesn't matter if mew have a time machine right? 

Or does it mean that mew still age regardless of where mew are? Oh Dratz!

If mew have any questions, or would like to offur input, leave us a comment, as mew know we luffs them so much! MOL

Join us fur Part Fourteen of our Autumn Blockbuster next Tuesday, when we continue on our epically epic adventure.... who knows what will happen....  as Catopia and the unknown here we come!

Until then

Bestest purrs

Basil & The 'B' Team

*    *   *

TTTB Interior images By MaxFX used under license from Shutterstock 
Bunker Background Images used under license from Shutterstock.com
Monster Images by Albert Ziganshin used under license from Shutterstock.com
All Destination Backgrounds used under paid Pizap Licence 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Colouring with Cats #42 ~ Getting Your OM on with Mandalas on Mondays

Supurr Monday greetings beautiful furriends

How are mew on this fine and frosty morning?  The temperatures dropped down to zero here on Friday evening and have stayed purretty cool fur the entire weekend so we've been doing a spot of reclining in front of the fire, as to be honest it was a bit fresh outside fur our paws! MOL

Actually all things considered the average daily temperatures have been quite high fur the time of year, we measure this by how many jumpers, body warmers and coats the P.A. wears, and up until Friday it was just a jumper and body warmer - like seriously that is unheard of fur mid to late November, she's usually bundled up with jacket, scarf and gloves too and they say there's no such thing as climate change - PHOOEY!!!

So hows climate change affecting your weather patterns?

Anyhoo, we do hope mew've all have a totally pawesome weekend and that mew're ready fur the week ahead, so let's jump right in and start as always with our little breathing exercise, which we're sure mew all have down paw by now...  but if mew've furgotten, stop what mew're doing fur a moment and take deep fulfilling breaths; counting to five on the inhale and five on the exhale:

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Don't mew feel better already?  I know we do!

As I said we were enjoying the warmth of the wood-burner, so this was our OM-ing sesh this week... we call it 'Triangulation OM-ing' and let me tell mew, our Zen Harmonies were so ZEN aftur this it was quite unbelievable, so if mew can get three of mew together we highly recommend this purractice fur maximum zen-ness!

*    *    *

If mew have missed any of the previous mandala's and feel the need to binge colour, here's the links:

All the mandala's featured are created & designed by us, unless otherwise stated.

So without further adieu here's this weeks mandala.
Just right click the image to save and print it...

And here's our finished version...

Coloured with metallic and glitter gel pens.

*    *    *

If mew'd like to share your peeps pawesome artwurk feel free to upload it to our Facebook page at:

Bionic Basil & The 'B' Team @Facebook

as we'd really, really love to see your finished mandalas.

Don't furget mew can download our free Colouring with Cats ~ Books One & Two here, if mew haven't already done so:


So on that note we'll say bye fur now and hope to see mew tomorrow fur part XI of The Last Big Jolly.

Until then

Keep Calm and Colour OM!

Bestest chilled and most soothing purrs

Basil & Co xox

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